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Business Identity

I help entrepreneurs, startups and existing businesses with building or revamping their business identity. From scratch, or anywhere along the way.

What is a business identity and why is it so important?

Everyone has an identity. It defines a person at the core, what kind of character and personality they have, what their beliefs are, what makes them special. Knowing it well helps a person focus and work towards reaching their goals. In a business, an identity serves a similar purpose. The difference is that the identity applies to a commercial entity — be it an individual or a group of people — and how they operate and communicate as a business.

A business identity helps you stay true to your core business. You’ll always keep in mind its DNA, its values, its reason for being. When you need to make decisions about expansion, or change, a visual identity, a new product, the theme for a campaign, the visuals of marketing material, the tone of voice on your web and mobile sites and on your social media channels… An identity will make all decisions consistent. It will remind you why you started your business in the first place.

To your community, your business will stay recognizable, trustworthy, and lovable. As for you and your colleagues, you’ll always know exactly what you’re doing.

Do you need to build a business identity for your startup, or do you want to revise or redefine your current one? Go ahead and contact me.

English Copywriting

And if you simply need good English text that captures your identity and tone of voice, here’s what I can do.

  • Business identity and brand promise
  • Business name
  • Tagline
  • Website, campaign, concept & copy
  • Event concept and copy
  • Video concept & copy
  • Brand book
  • Blog
  • Company presentation
  • Infographic concept & copy
  • Marketing collateral
  • Editing
  • English-to-English editing


We’ll decide together what’s best for you.


Why work with me?

1. I listen, ask a lot of questions and listen some more.

2. Then I create a piece just for you.

3. Together, we work on it until you love it.


So, let’s tell the story of your business.