Interview with Susan Bijl – The New Shoppingbag

Susan Bijl The New Shoppingbag

In the bag

Today, I have the opportunity to write about Rotterdam designer Susan Bijl and how together with her husband Vincent, they inadvertently created a business out of a bag. The story began so. Susan started sewing her first bag in 2003. What she had in mind was not to start a business, but to just make a bag.  Eventually, she made more bags and started giving and selling them to family and friends.   Read more…


Interview with Man Met Bril Coffee

A brand with glasses

Man Met Bril Interview

During the interview, the machine manifests its presence by making a few sporadic clicks. Is it warm yet? I wonder. Can I please, please have a cup

Does it really take an hour to warm up? I ask, nonchalantly. Am curious, and admittedly, fishing a tiny bit for a coffee.

Ah yes, it’s ready, says Paul, picking up my hint with a laugh. Want a cup?

I watch in silent horror as Paul grinds coffee and throws it out repeatedly. Why is he throwing away fresh ground coffee? Why, WHY?

There’s residue coffee from a previous batch, he says. Better not to mix it.

I nod in resignation. We’re not seeing that coffee again.

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Interview with Joranne and Bas from Memory Lane

Memory Lane Rotterdam
It’s about memories
A la recherche du temps perdu. It was the title of this 7-tome French novel that inspired Joranne and Bas to name it as such. A scene involving a melancholic narrator, a madeleine and a cup of tea.  Read more…