About Primrose

We’re a mum, dad, boy, girl. Wherever possible, we like to make what we need. My husband designs and builds. I write stuff and mix all kinds of ingredients. And our kids, as other kids, create their own games and trouble, whichever way they can think of.

Making things ourselves is how we got to thinking of creating our own skin cream for our kids. Inspired and guided by their special dietary needs and preferences, we started creating our allergy-friendly skin care products.

Both our kids have allergies and very sensitive skin. It’s a lot of work and it’s enriching. Meticulously reading all the ingredients on everything, all the time. Endlessly experimenting with ingredients, often to the surprise of our willing guests.

It’s given us energy and invaluable knowledge. And it makes us unstoppable in finding and perfecting what’s best for our kids. This means food, cleaning products, cloth diapering, endless breastfeeding, and finally, skin care.

We believe that all kids have a right to funky allergen-free goodies and will slow down at nothing to create something our kids need. We don’t pretend to know it all, and make it all perfect. But what we create is actually pretty decent and our kids love it.

Big words that keep popping back

Raw. We use what comes from the earth. Pure and natural ingredients. As we work, we start from scratch, so that we know where our roots are and where they’re growing. Our information is unrefined. We put it out there and share 100% of our ingredients.

Good stuff. Organic and respect is really the word. Two, actually. We don’t want the interference of poisonous or altered chemicals in anything we do. We believe in fairness and respect for all those involved in producing and procuring our ingredients. And in the fairness and respect to the environment where they originate.

Soothing. A lot of unhappiness and scratching can come out of unhappy skin and distressed souls. Cooling down the skin with a gentle cream, and calming the soul with a soft touch is what we recommend. Soothing is an excellent start for healing.

A few tips

  • Use a clean spoon instead of your fingers to scoop out the cream. This keeps the cream as bacteria-free as possible.
  • Keeping the cream in the fridge makes it cooler and gives a nicer feeling when applied on dry, itchy and warm skin.
  • …This also makes the cream stay fresh for a longer period.
  • Apply the cream slowly, especially if applying to irritated skin.
  • If the cream is a little clumpy, apply the cream on skin, wait a little for clumps to soften, and massage them gently into skin.

Some serious info

Primrose cream contains essential oils and is not for consumption. Do not use on babies less than 6 months old. This cream is not meant to prevent, treat or cure any skin conditions.

This product contains no sulphates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors or perfumes.

Because children’s skins are still developing their defenses, please do a skin test before using the cream. Put a small spot of cream on normal, healthy skin and leave overnight. The next morning, look for signs of redness or irritation on skin.

Primrose is a product of stella.cr/eative. It is produced and bottled in Breda, the Netherlands.

For updates follow our Facebook page www.facebook.com/primrosecream. And if you want more information, you can also write to primrose@stella.cr, call me at 0651614018, or drop by for coffee!