Welcome to Primrose

Primrose is a mum-made cream that moisturizes little sensitive skins without sticking around. It contains only natural and organic ingredients, and no artificial preservatives.

I made this cream for allergic kids with very sensitive skins. It is very mild and its perfume comes from essential oils only. Naturally, Primrose cream is perfectly suitable for adult sensitive skin as well.

What makes us special?

  • It’s homemade!
  • I make it in very small batches, so it’s always naturally fresh.
  • Only natural ingredients are allowed in there.
  • No artificial preservatives reside either.
  • It’s allergy friendly. No milk products, eggs, beans, legumes, grains, citrus, shellfish or nuts.

We’re really excited about this new cream for allergic children and we hope you and your kids enjoy the soothing!